Capability & Talent Management

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Mawson Consulting assists businesses in establishing the right organisation structure and roles, so the goals of the business can be achieved.

Businesses that can manage their capability so they have the people resources needed to maintain and improve over time have a clear competitive advantage. Making use of in-house capability, as well as acquiring people externally is important to talent management.

When people are well matched to their role, they are more likely to enjoy what they do and make an effective contribution to the business.  In this way, understanding capability can help with retaining people in the business.

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • We’ve got talent and succession planning processes in place, why aren’t they delivering what we need?
  • We keep having to look outside the business to fill key roles, surely we have more capability inside than we know?
  • How do we help leaders to get better at their selection choices?

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