Leadership Development

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Mawson Consulting assists businesses in establishing the right organisation structure and roles, so the goals of the business can be achieved.

As businesses change, the work of leaders changes. It is critical for success that a business can recognise gaps in leadership capability both from an organisation point of view and on an individual basis. Different types of leadership development are needed to address these different types of gaps.

Leaders in the business work with their teams to deliver the required outputs. A significant component of a leader’s work is to enable productive working relationships, employee engagement and to establish a supportive work culture.

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • How do we get leaders to consistently understand and do the work of their role?
  • We’ve spent a lot of money on leadership development but it doesn’t seem to hit the mark. How do we get leaders to align with our strategy and play their part in shaping our culture?
  • Our front line leaders are critical to production and safety – how do we develop them effectively?

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