Safety Leadership

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Mawson Consulting assists businesses in establishing the right organisation structure and roles, so the goals of the business can be achieved.

The key to sustainable safety improvement is dependent on leaders at each level of the business creating the desired safety culture where people willingly work in ways that keep them and their co-workers safe.

Technical safety systems and training are not sufficient in themselves to achieve and sustain a safe work environment.

Since 2006, Mawson Consulting has worked with clients to improve the effectiveness of their pre-start meetings, Safety Interactions and Take 5s.

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • We’ve achieved good progress with safety but our performance has plateaued, what do we do now?
  • We’ve invested a lot in pre-start meetings, are we getting value from these?
  • Our front line leaders should be critical to safe production, have we got their role and work right to do this?

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