Work Process / System Design

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Mawson Consulting assists businesses in establishing the right organisation structure and roles, so the goals of the business can be achieved.

Work processes are real and tangible evidence to employees about how the business wants to operate. If effective they direct the work flows and deliver predictable, consistent results. Poorly designed work processes generate waste and cost in businesses along with having a potential negative impact on safety. Frequently the technical aspect of work process design is done, but the human impact and behavioural aspects can be overlooked. Mawson Consulting supports businesses by helping to identifying the health of work processes, where they may need to change and how to design them to be more effective.

Do you ever ask yourself?

  • We’ve just implemented a new work management process but our maintainers and planners are resistant to using it. Why can’t we get the behaviour changes we need?
  • Why do we have “official” work processes and then the ones that people actually use?
  • We need to minimise variation in our production and the work processes are designed to help us do that. Why are we not seeing the results?

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