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Trust & the Cricket Australia Dispute

August 2017

Like most people (unless you support England) I’m pleased the Cricket Australia / Australian Cricketers Association dispute is over. As the dust settles there are some lessons we can draw.
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Do Enterprise Agreements Really Matter?

April 2017
Ashurst recently released its 2017 Bargaining Survey Report based on feedback from a range of businesses across industry sectors. It has some interesting findings about the state of Enterprise Bargaining in Australia.
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Cultural Aspects of Structure - Some Potential Traps

March 2017
Having the right structure in place is essential to support the business in achieving its goals. In addition to clarifying reporting relationships, a well designed structure allows the flow of work and the associated work systems to function more effectively. How structural change is implemented will impact the perceptions employees have about the leadership of the business and employee contribution. Outlined below are some possible traps in relation to structure. Falling into these traps can have a negative impact on the culture of the business. Read more

Focus on Leadership not Legalities

February 2017
Industrial Relations is back in the headlines. The Fair Work Act has given unions a much more prominent role in the workplace, and has set in place a framework that’s politically likely to last at least 5 – 10 years. The Fair Work Act has effectively removed the option of direct employer-employee arrangements. The headlines have been about the legislation, award modernisation, and the growth in the role and militancy of unions. Read more


Case studies

Mining Company Decides Regional Office Needs Streamlining

This global mining company has a Head Office in North America and Regional Offices around the world for its many operations. The Regional Office located in Australia supports the mining operations in the Australia, The Pacific and Asia. It provides a range of services such as HR, finance, IT, Supply and specialist technical ones such as geology. Prior to the review, more than 250 staff were employed in the Regional Office. Read more

New General Manager Wants to Know About the “Health” of the Organisation

A General Manager was newly appointed to a large manufacturing operation employing approximately 1000 people. He had been in his role for 3 months and had spent time listening to his management team and talking and listening to the “troops”. He had reviewed both the safety and performance data. The operation is part of a global mining and manufacturing business and conducts bi annual engagement surveys of employees using a questionnaire. Read more

Executive Team Work Performance & Capability

The President of a North American mining/refining/smelting operation employing several thousand people was concerned that the members of his executive team were not concentrating on the right kind of work for the business. From his own observations, the President believed that a number of his team members were doing work that was too narrow and too short in time frame, probably work they should be delegating. The President was unsure why this was occurring. Read more