Do Enterprise Agreements Really Matter?

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April 2017

Ashurst recently released its 2017 Bargaining Survey Report based on feedback from a range of businesses across industry sectors. It has some interesting findings about the state of Enterprise Bargaining in Australia. 

Some of the key conclusions it finds are that:-
• most employers are using EAs to provide an environment of predictability and certainty in which to operate, rather than as a means to drive improvement;
• 60% of those surveyed don’t expect productivity gains from the EA; and
• 21% have EAs operating beyond their term.

So what is the message?
• That EAs are at best, an enabling mechanism to provide an employee relations framework. They are not the main game as far as business performance and improvement are concerned.
• The real focus remains on engaging employees around business improvement and the introduction of change.
• Understanding the perceptions of employees – what they think about the business, and what their experience is working there – is critical to achieving alignment and building trust.
• This needs capable leaders at all levels of the business who can explain change and lead it effectively.

The full report is at 

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