New General Manager Wants to Know About the “Health” of the Organisation

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Why was the work commissioned?

A General Manager was newly appointed to a large manufacturing operation employing approximately 1000 people.  He had been in his role for 3 months and had spent time listening to his management team and talking and listening to the “troops”.  He had reviewed both the safety and performance data.  The operation is part of a global mining and manufacturing business and conducts bi annual engagement surveys of employees using a questionnaire.  The results of the surveys are collected and information for the business overall and individual operations is provided.  The GM had the results of the most recent survey.  Overall the picture that the GM had gathered was that safety and production results needed to improve and there were some significant issues about employee engagement contributing to these.

The GM decided that it was essential to take action about employee engagement however, wanted to gather more detailed and specific data about this to ensure that initiatives would be directed into the right areas.  He commissioned a “Health Check” to gather the data about the issues from the perspective of all employees at all levels in the operation.

The Health Check Itself

Two external consultants were retained to conduct the Health Check to give greater objectivity.  A semi-structured interview process was used to collect data from employees.  A sample of 15% of employees was selected by the consultants to obtain representative views of the issues.  The data was analysed using a framework including the systems/processes, leadership and symbols of the operation.  The Health Check was completed in 10 days including feedback of the findings to the GM and Management Team.

To make the feedback “real” a role play was conducted by the consultants to the GM and Management Team of an amalgam of what the typical employee had said about the operation.  A detailed written report was also provided.

The work of the GM and Management Team was then to review the data, determine what actions would be taken and how to implement these.

What were the results?

  • A video of the role play along with explanation was provided to employees in team meetings.
  • The full report was posted on the operation Intranet for employees to read.
  • The GM and Management Team had detailed information about issues affecting employee engagement in their operation.
  • The GM and Management Team reviewed the Health Check and using LEAN techniques prioritised the initiatives they would take.
  • An action plan was developed and each manager allocated a portion of work to complete.
  • The GM and Management Team reviewed the action items and all were completed within 18 months of completion of the Health Check.

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